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General Questions

General FAQ
How to Register (Sign up)?

To sign up, simply follow these easy steps:

1. Click on the “Register” button & Fill in your information on all forms
2. Verify your email
3. Download Camerolla – We will provide a user and password after you have downloaded the CRM
4. Start enjoying our services!

Our CRM - Camerolla - Simplify Your Workflow

In the fast-paced world of online work, managing earnings from various platforms can be a headache. That’s where Camerolla CRM comes in. Before registering on each platform, download Camerolla CRM from It’s a powerful tool that acts as a centralized hub for tracking earnings in real-time.

With Camerolla CRM, you can say goodbye to manual Excel tracking and the hassle of navigating multiple platform dashboards. Simply log in to all platforms through Camerolla CRM to ensure accurate earnings tracking. The user-friendly dashboard provides a clear view of earnings from selected platforms and payments—all in one place.

Although the initial download and installation may take around 30 minutes due to the CRM’s complexity, the time saved in the long run is invaluable. Once installed, you’ll receive login credentials to access your account and explore all the features.

Take control of your earnings and streamline your workflow with Camerolla CRM. Download it today and revolutionize the way you track your earnings across platforms.

First run of Camerolla CHROME Browser

Why can't I use the username I had in mind, and why do I need to select a different one?

There are a couple of reasons why your preferred username might not be an option. One possibility is that someone else is already using it. If the username you wanted is quite common, like “happysunshine123,” it’s likely already taken. However, if you choose something more distinctive, it’s more likely to be available.
Another reason for requesting an alternative username could be that the one you initially selected contains part of your actual name. Usernames should be entirely different from your real-life personal information. For instance, if your first or middle name is Emily, you can’t use “Emily” as your username. This practice ensures your privacy and safeguards your personal details.

What is Traffic Theft, and why should I avoid it?

Traffic Theft refers to redirecting a client who initially came to you through one website or method to pay or engage with you on a different platform or using a different payment method. For instance, it might involve sending a client from one site to your Twitter account to request payment via PayPal. Engaging in Traffic Theft is a serious violation of our policies and can lead to your account being banned from our service, regardless of whether you direct clients between our affiliated partners.
It’s essential to understand that clients who arrive on a website not through your efforts are typically the result of other individuals’ investments in generating traffic or building a customer base. These clients are often referred to as “external customers,” meaning they aren’t exclusively yours, even if they happen to be your dedicated fans. Engaging in Traffic Theft can harm your reputation and jeopardize your standing within our community, so it’s best to avoid such practices.

Why can't I use PayPal or similar services for payments in camming or adult work?

Using PayPal or similar services like Google Wallet for payments in camming or adult work is strictly prohibited. This rule is in place both for the safety of your account and to comply with the policies of both PayPal and the studio. If PayPal discovers that it’s being used for adult work, they may ban your account and withhold any funds.
Our agency cannot work with models who use non-adult payment processors, especially when there are plenty of legitimate adult-friendly payment options available. It’s important to note that every camming site has policies against using such payment processors, and if you’re caught doing so, you may be banned from working on that site. Additionally, you will permanently lose your payroll advance privileges with us.
Camming offers an excellent opportunity to earn money with flexibility and freedom, but there are essential rules you should never violate, and using non-adult payment processors is one of them.

Am I free to leave at any time?

Absolutely, you have the freedom to leave whenever you wish, and you can take your account with you using the same process you used to join us.
However, it’s important to note that some sites may require you to stay with us for up to three months. This is because they want to discourage models from frequently switching in and out of their platform.

What are the fees?

Unlike many agencies in the industry, we prioritize your earnings by offering an unparalleled commission structure. Here’s how it works: out of your total earnings across all platforms, you keep a substantial 70%. That’s right, a whopping 70% of what you make is yours to keep.

But here’s the kicker: we only deduct a modest 30% as our commission, ensuring that you take home the lion’s share of your hard-earned income. This transparent approach sets us apart as the agency of choice for models who value their financial well-being. Join us and unlock your full earning potential today.

Payment methods

All transfers will be made through Paxum Bank. For US models, it’s necessary to create a physical account with Paxum Bank, while for models in other countries, an account with Paxum is required. With a Paxum account or card, money transfers are instantaneous, appearing promptly in your account for immediate use. No waiting, no hassle – just instant access to your funds AND most importantly 0 FEES.

Paxum Bank US models:

Paxum (Other countries):

When we make the payments

Introducing Fast Payouts – the game-changer in payment systems!

With Fast Payouts, gone are the days of waiting weeks to receive your hard-earned money. Instead, you’ll receive your funds promptly after we receive the money from the platforms. No more counting down the days until payday or enduring financial strain while waiting for your paycheck.

Fast Payouts lets you control your earnings, ensuring you have access to your money exactly when you need it. Embrace the freedom of timely payments with StreamPayModels and experience a whole new level of financial flexibility.

What are the non-negotiable rules that must be followed in this line of work?

There are fundamental rules that you must always follow:
1. Be Safe: Don’t show violence, weapons, blood, or pretend to be forced.
2. Stay Sober: Don’t use hard or illegal drugs on camera.
3. Control Access: Only let verified adults on camera, no animals allowed.
4. Keep Privacy: Don’t share personal info, especially for in-person meetings.
5. Use Proper Payments: Don’t ask clients to use different payment methods.
6. Be Respectful: Don’t be mean or harass others. Always be polite unless paid not to.
Unless you have a specific arrangement for non-polite interactions in exchange for payment, always maintain a polite demeanor. In general, violating any of these rules can result in the permanent loss of your account both with us and the camming site.

Payment Process Guidelines for Large Transactions
  1. Payment Delays: Understand that for substantial amounts, the money isn‘t instantly yours. Credit card transactions involve a “reserve” and “settlement” process, taking days or weeks.
  2. Verification Steps: Due to the high risk in certain industries, additional checks may be required before completing transactions. This includes client verification and compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.
  1. Chargeback Protection: Be cautious about chargebacks. Businesses have the right to set policies for protection, and if a client has a history of chargebacks, receiving the money becomes uncertain.
  1. Communication is Key: Inform clients about potential verifications with their credit card company. Legitimate clients are willing to confirm transactions.
  1. Known and Established Clients: Established clients should continue using usual payment methods. Any unusual behavior triggers security warnings.
  1. Discussion and Availability: Be available for live discussions to explain complex matters. This ensures clarity and confirms the identity of the involved parties.
  1. Patience is Crucial: Understand that verification takes time. For moderate amounts, payments may take 24 hours, while very large transactions may take up to 30 days. Even after the hold, disbursement schedules may extend up to 90 days.
  1. Fraud Prevention: Highlight the commitment to preventing fraud. Thorough manual processes make it difficult for fraudulent transactions to pass through.
Timezone Management and Payment Accountability

StreamPay Models cannot be held responsible for payment delays due to time zone differences. It is the model’s responsibility to ensure that their timezone settings are correctly configured on each platform to avoid any payment discrepancies.

About StreamPay Models

About us FAQ
What is StreamPayModels?

At StreamPayModels, we’re not your typical Studio OR Agency. We operate on a unique paradigm that bridges the gap between being a Studio and an Agency, all for the benefit of our valued talent.

First and foremost, let’s clear: we’re like a Studio when it comes to the platforms we partner with. We provide you with a platform to shine, just like a Studio would.
But here’s the twist: we also wear the hat of an Agency, but one that works solely in your best interests. That means we’re all about promoting you and driving traffic to your profile. We’re here for you personally, ensuring that your talent receives the recognition it deserves in the digital world.

So, when you’re with StreamPayModels, you get the best of both worlds. You get to showcase your skills on top-notch platforms while we handle the promotion and bring the audience to you. It’s a win-win situation, and we’re here to make sure you thrive in the online spotlight.

Is Fast Payouts available to everyone?

Yes, you’ll start getting paid immediately after we receive the money from the platforms. Your first payment for all the money you’ve earned will be sent to you as soon as we can confirm your payment details. Keep in mind that if you’re a new model receiving a large payment for the first time, there might be a short delay from the platforms for security purposes.

Is it considered a studio?

In a way, it’s more like a group of studios with various websites. All the services we offer as an agency are entirely optional, and you’re free to close your account whenever you want. We don’t have any “no-competition agreements” or long-term contracts.

What additional services do you provide apart from payment?

1. Profile Traffic Boost: We actively work to bring more visitors to your profiles on the sites registered with us. This increased visibility can lead to more opportunities and earnings.

2. Special Offers: We provide exclusive special offers that can help you maximize your income. These offers may include promotional campaigns, bonuses, or incentives to increase your earnings.

3. Bonus Programs: We have various bonus programs in place to reward your performance and dedication. These programs often offer extra earnings based on specific achievements or milestones.

4. Flexibility: We operate without any “non-competition clauses” or long-term contracts. You have the freedom to manage your account as you wish, making it easy to work with us on your terms.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive support system for models, helping you not only receive your earnings promptly but also enhance your overall success in the industry.

Is it possible to join your services if I'm currently under a studio contract?

It’s possible in some cases, but it really depends on your situation and the websites you’re using. Please send us an email with the details, and we’ll do our best to assist you. If you have any concerns or specific rules from your current studio, let us know so we can figure out how to help you best.

Do you accept models from countries outside the United States?

Yes, we do, but there are some restrictions in certain places. These restrictions typically apply to many countries in the Middle East, Asia, some parts of Africa, and South America. However, for most non-U.S. countries, we offer the option of a brief Skype or Discord interview. This interview helps deal with possible legal issues, including following FOSTA/SESTA rules, meeting know-your-client (KYC) requirements, and obeying anti-money laundering and fraud prevention rules.

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